Giving thanks today

This Thanksgiving Day finds me grateful for so very much.  For family and friends, especially a sister by my side when I most need her and her husband who understands and supports.  For good food and a good appetite.  For medical treatments and those who administer them with kindness and compassion.  For the cat who can’t decide whether she wants to be inside or outside.  For sunlight warming my living room in bright buttery cascades.  For the anticipation of a lovingly-prepared meal with a family who is adopting me as one of their own today.  For personal connection with people around this fragile globe through the miracle of the internet.  For prayers and good thoughts and sent mojo and all the various ways people have lifted me up and carried me through this breast cancer journey.  For medicines that poison me to make me well and those that keep side effects in check.  For flavors that I can taste now – ones I missed when the chemo was its most potent.  For Claire’s made-for-me scarf and various hats that keep my now-bald head warm.  For deep sleep that restores me.  For cards and emails and Facebook messages and posts that encourage me.  For delivered meals.  For books that let me share other paths and thoughts and feelings.  For the many gifts people have brought and sent.  And even for needles, for their facilitating of tracking of my blood levels and administering of healing medicines.  So many, many gratitudes.  I could list them all day and every day.  But on this Thanksgiving Day, one big Thank You to this whole world and all the blessings in it.

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